All Day Breakfast Productions is the "solo" development studio created to produce the ideas, stories and properties of Amazon best-selling author Mike Gagnon. Solo doesn't mean that this is really a one-man operation though. The reason that we put "solo" in brackets is because though we would be considered a "solo developer" in studio terms there are many people inside and outside of the studio that make what we do possible. If not for help from family, friends, colleagues and fan supporters, we would not be able to produce our content the way we see fit.

There are many people in the background helping with financial management, promotion, social media, programming and creating visual design assets.

The goal of All Day Breakfast is to produce, create and share stories with the world that are accessible to those from all walks of life. No gimmicks. No price gouging.

It's part of a radical new business model that we hope will catch on; one built on honesty, ethics and respect for others.

Every person involved in our projects is fairly compensated and credited for their work. We also avoid working with "work-for-hire" contracts whenever possible, to allow creators to retain legal copyright and ownership of anything that they create.

The ultimate goal is to register this game and comics publishing venture as a non-profit corporation, meaning that after those involved are fairly compensated and expenses are covered, any remaining revenue will be directly donated to worthwhile charities associated with causes such as health care, human rights, wildlife preservation and disaster relief.

Since we are an ethical, independent studio not operating on a for profit basis, it will give us the freedom to produce and publish what we want without outside influence. No ads. No sponsors. No overpriced products. No endorsements. No humongous corporate media conglomerates dictating what is allowable to the creative team.

Just the pure creative vision of the original creator made for those who enjoy immersing themselves in captivating worlds of fiction and engaging subjects in non-fiction.

We hope you come along for the ride. Let's prove that entertainment can be elevated beyond the ever murkier world of corporate greed and questionable ethics. Let's show them that games, comics, books, film and more can be created while still treating creative talent fairly and respectfully.

Let's show them how entertainment SHOULD be done.


Mike Gagnon
May 21st, 2020